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Meeting expectations for your metal building starts with listening to your ideas and learning about the purpose of your building. Then, we use our 40+ years’ experience in metal building design and construction to offer suggestions and create a plan.

Planning The Design

Cal Valley Contractors handles all of the details for your metal building. We use employees, not sub-contractors to perform the work. And, we pour the concrete for the slab foundation. Not all building contractors offer concrete service, which is a critical step to properly support the building. When developing the design and plans, consider the floor plans, exterior and interior modifications.

Exploring Floor-plans

The purpose of your building and anticipated future needs determines the size of the building. We use computer-aided design to create a floor plan with as much detail as necessary for a successful end result. The design also includes the foundation slab, as the concrete area may be larger than the actual building. The floor plan stage provides the opportunity to make choices to upgrade or downgrade based on budget parameters.

Exterior Modifications

Cal Valley Contractors uses high-quality Ceco Building Systems as our pre-fab building supplier. You have many options for exterior amenities that make your building attractive, as well as functional. Choices of doors, overhangs, roof, type of panel material, and colors create different curb appeals.

Interior Modifications

Metal buildings are flexible, and range from a simple storage shed to an office building or sports complex. Interior amenities include electrical and/or plumbing specifications, whether or not to insulate the walls and/or roof, and finish out such as carpet or other flooring.

Estimating the Metal Building Cost

It’s important to you to make sure that your metal building comes in on or under budget. When you work with Cal Valley Contractors, you can count on our knowledge and experience to provide a correct budget before work begins. We have a track record of excellent communication with customers throughout the building process. And if you want to make changes, we’ll discuss any budget impact of changes before the work is done.

Obtaining The Necessary Permits

After agreement on design and budget, we take care of obtaining all of the local permits necessary to begin construction. This complex step is one of the main reasons that people work with us. We understand and know how to work within the system to get the right permit for each type of building. Each county has codes that include set-backs, grading, and draining components. Complying with all of the permit details keeps a project on schedule and moving forward.