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Metal building construction occurs on-site. Whether installing a pre-fab building or constructing on site, Cal Valley Contractors uses employees to construct metal buildings, not sub-contractors. Many of our employees have worked together for over 15 years, making the building process smooth and reliable.

1. Grading

Cal Valley Contractors surveys the land to ensure the building site is level. Grading may be necessary prior to pouring the foundation, and may be simple or complex depending on the location.

2. Foundation

The foundation of the building is the most important part of the process. If a foundation isn’t handled properly, problems arise over time such as shifting and structural damage. We are specialists in concrete work, and we determine the concrete mix and perform the foundation pouring ourselves. Many contractors sub-out this important function.

We take care to lay the forms correctly, and ensure drainage for water runoff. We also level the flooring and insert the anchor bolts once the concrete is in place and before it dries. Having a thorough understanding of metal buildings is essential for how we reinforce the concrete. Metal buildings need to withstand high horizontal load weights, so we either use steel bars to reinforce the concrete, or expand the size of the footing for the building design.

3. Inspections

We obtain the ‘green tag’ every step of the way, ensuring that your building is in compliance with local codes. We coordinate the inspections for all phases of construction – building structure, electrical, and plumbing.

4. Assembly

With anchor bolts in place, the first step is to frame the metal building. The primary frame system supports the rest of the materials. Secondary framing supports the primary frame, and consists of purlins, girts, and framed openings.

Wall panels go up after the framing, and if the building requires insulation, the insulation is the next step. We securely screw each panel to the secondary framing. The roof and weather stripping are the final phase of exterior construction.

5. Interior Finish

Interior finish may be as simple or elaborate as you prefer. It is becoming more common for metal buildings to have complete, even luxurious, interior finish out. As building general contractors, we resource all components of the project.