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The cost of a metal building may be 20 – 30% less than a conventional building. Factors such as insulation and finish out make a difference in final savings.

Straight-forward Design

Metal buildings have many design options, but choices are simplified with pre-fabrication. We have many years’ experience with metal buildings, working with countless combinations of wall panels, roof panels, concrete, and interior finish out. With metal buildings, clients make basic decisions regarding type of panel, size, color, and structural options. When you talk with us about the purpose of your metal building, we’ll make suggestions and provide the design as part of the turn-key project cost.

Predictable Costs

Metal building costs are less than traditional buildings because of several factors:

Material costs:

Metal is less expensive than wood for both structure and finish out.

Labor costs:

Whether a metal building is built off-site and transported to the final destination, or built on site, the parts of the building are pre-fabricated, which saves time and money for labor. Cal Valley Contractors uses employees, not sub-contractors, to construct buildings. Therefore, we’re able to accurately budget labor costs.

Single source:

A turn-key single source means time/cost savings due to less coordination or waiting for all supplies to arrive.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency provides ongoing savings after construction. Ceco metal building systems offer a choice of ENERGY STAR® and LEED-compliant cool roofs. The metal panels reflect heat from the sun back into the sky, instead of transferring it into the building below. Metal buildings that include insulation also use less energy for heating and cooling. Choose insulated roof, side panels, or both, to save money on energy costs.

Easy Maintenance

Metal buildings are durable and require little upkeep for materials and labor. Less maintenance saves you money over the life of your building. Here’s what makes metal buildings easy to manage:

  • Durable paint coatings – Ceco buildings carry a 25-year limited paint warranty for all colors. (Please request our written guarantee.)
  • Dirt-resistant roof and walls – Coatings resist clinging dirt and are easy to brush or wash.
  • Annual check-up and clean – Once-a-year inspection and cleaning keeps your metal building in top condition.