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You can expect to have a metal building in about 2/3 of the time it would take to complete a building with traditional construction. So, if conventional construction would take 9 months, you could be in your custom-designed metal building in about 6 months. Construction time depends on the type of building and level of finish-out you need. A simple building may only take a few months.

Standard Materials

We work with Ceco Building Systems, a premier manufacturer of metal buildings and metal building components. Roofs, walls, and sometimes entire buildings are made in an efficient manufacturing facility. Because they specialize in building systems, Ceco meets and exceeds current industry standards, with a constant eye on future customer needs and trends.

With manufactured metal buildings, each component is designed to fit with each other in the building design. We’re experts at working with the various parts, and can put the buildings together quickly. We also provide concrete foundation service, eliminating the need for an additional contractor. The foundation is the most important part of ensuring a reliable life for the building.


We coordinate all aspects of a project and accept accountability for every project. Our 40+ years’ experience with metal buildings provides confidence that you’ll receive a quality building. We know how to anticipate and execute each step of the process.


We also use employees to do the work, not sub-contractors. Our employees are reliable and knowledgeable about our processes and customer expectations. So, we do the work correctly, the first time.

Local Contractor

Cal Valley Contractors focuses on the California Central Valley and the California Central Coast. We’re available when you need us — often in person, always by phone.